PABX & Telephone Systems

Any business needs strong communication network. NPR Networks offers communication solutions through PABX and telephone systems. Our expertise in installation and set up ensures error ­free & hurdle­ free transmission of voice and data signals. We provide PABX systems to suit any size of office ­ small to large. Extensions can range from 8 to 500. We use the best brands such as Panasonic which serve as intercom as well.


These are the phones adapting legacy technology with copper cables and options of intercom and transferring abilities. They offer good voice quality, audio transmission and are inexpensive with limited options. NPR offers wide range of analog PABX systems to suit your business/home needs.


These phones are based on bus structure which enables us to add more features such as music on hold, VoIP, alarm systems & more. NPR offers many kinds of digital PABX systems that are suitable for offices of all sizes.


IP based PABX systems are the trendiest and technologically advanced form of communication offering options like unified messaging, call forwarding, voicemail delivery to email, fax delivery to email, voicemail transcription to SMS, click to dial, and a desktop client. NPR offers several IP based PABX systems.


These are ones which incorporate both digital as well analog features of a telephone system. With add on boards, IP also can be configured. This type of system offers a lot of flexibility in usage and performance.