Data Centre Solutions

With increasing dependency on communications and connectivity through internet in any sector of business industry, it is only viable to have centralized data centres which handle the necessary IT operations to keep the industry or the company running smoothly. NPR networks offers the best of infrastructure to set up an excellent data centre which effectively manages the communications of the company. Our highlighted features:

  • Integrated end to end connectivity for all systems & client computers managed effectively through automated systems
  • Smooth migration of data both physically and in servers in case of change
    transition of location, servers or applications
  • Fire and water proof setup to avoid any damage to cables in case of distress
  • Uninterrupted power supply to avoid any disconnect in data transmission across all servers

Telecom, Data /Server Rack

NPR networks offers server and data racks to set up data centers. These are enclosures for data and telecommunication equipment, computer control rooms, LAN equipment and file server workstations to meet the demand for high quality stations for electronic equipment and networking environments

Raised Flooring

Temperature & moisture content play a crucial role in preserving data in the data servers of the data centres. So we need to ensure optimum levels of these factors. At NPR, we have precise standards which enables to maintain data centers. We offer data cabinets also with in built cooling systems

Power Backup and Distributing

We offer power backup options for data centres in order get ​uninterrupted power supply to avoid any disconnect in data transmission across all servers. We have
generators in varying capacities to support different sized servers ranging from 300VA to 300KVA.

Precision AC

Precision ACs are a must for server rooms and data centers to maintain temperature and humidity to a precise limit. These are quick in maintaining the required statistics,run continuously for the entire year without any obstacles and provide good amount of air distribution/circulation. NPR networks provides a good range in these precision ACs.

Servers & Storage

NPR networks has a large variety of servers which can be configured for any size of a company. They provide storage space for data as well as servers for any type of network. These are secure servers which can work out for simple as well as complex storage solutions. NPR team is very adept at analyzing and setting up these kind of servers.

Data Centre layout design and provision

NPR networks team of designers have years of experience in designing data centres. We do client briefing to understand their locations, requirements &
logistics. Once we have a good knowledge on the location we offer our designs regarding layout, capacity and set up. We also install and provide maintenance