Monitoring & Security Systems

In these testing times, surveillance is a must in public and common places such as institutions, companies, industries, offices and so on. With a well­rounded security system in place one can work harmoniously and make quick succession in their goals.NPR Networks offers an integrated system of security placements to ensure strict and end to end vigilance over required locations. Clients can track daily on goings effortlessly.

Time Management

We have cutting edge technology to manage time for employees, labors, workers
belonging to various industries & companies. We have several kinds of tracking
hardware & software. Biometric access systems & logging systems are available in
several brands for you to choose from.

Access Control Systems

In various events, companies & industries there is a need for credential based access control for certain marked locations of the company. This is in tandem with maintaining strict security measures and privacy policy. NPR offers several types of access control systems to regulate this security measure for clients based on their requirement.

Electrical Magnetic Locks

These types of locks work on mechanism of magnetic properties. Lock is monitored with electronic on/off and recordings of its various status. NPR networks has a strong hold on this product in terms of brands, quality, expertise.

Entrance Control Systems

These systems offer fool ­proof vigilance of important entry/exit points in large
companies and locations. Electronically controlled, these regulate the inflow and outflow of people/vehicles and helps maintain a track.

Burglar Alarms and Intrusion

NPR networks has a wide variety of burglar alarms and intrusion detecting
devices based on criteria and requirement. These are electronically controlled
and trap the intruder effectively by raising an alarm.

Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring

NPR networks offers GPS tracking devices in vehicles to track its movement in real time. These are relevant in the present day for various cab services that are prevalent and other high security vehicles.